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Tolombon, Salta

Tolombon is a small and colorful town in the Salta Province, located only 14 km from Cafayate and 1.600 meters high from sea level, this is the site were Altalaluna Boutique Hotel is located, a place to live memorable and unique moments.Altalaluna Boutique Hotel, rejoices the soul with its history and present. Land of vineyards and winerys... The terroir is the dialogue between the plant, the soil, the nature and the man. This is the prime reason for the diversity of wines and the reason to be as good as they are. The bottom line is that the wine reflects the maximum...

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El Cortijo Hotel

Cachi, Salta

El Cortijo Boutique Hotel is located in Cachi, Salta province, northern Argentina. Even the house has been recently restored, the original façade has not been modified, it keeps the typical Cachi style. El Cortijo Boutique Hotel It is an old 'casona' ('big house'), property of Gustavo Bergesi. that has incorporated elements of comfort, such as a dining room, central heating, telephone, internet and TV sets, without losing its spirit. In this way, the rooms have kept not only the mark of the original design, where adobe, stone and cane are wisely combined in order to provide as a result a work of art....

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Finca Valentina

La Merced Chica, Salta

Welcome to Finca Valentina ... Just close your eyes and scent the fragrance of roses brought to you by a summer breeze, the fresh juice of mandarins picked from the “magic tree”, as we named it; in front of your window the peach tree’s blossoms will unfold...  Here you are at our place at the feet of the Andes, a refurbished country house maintaining the local traditional architecture externally, but with the layout, light and comfort of modern living. We love to take care of every single detail. Each element of this house, from a glass to a peace of...

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Grace Cafayate

Cafayate, Salta

Grace Cafayate is a luxury hotel, spa and residential villas development in Calchaquí Valley in the northwest of Argentina, just south of Salta. For the first time Grace Hotels brings its distinctive elegance and simplicity to a boutique hotel in Argentina. The hotel forms part of ‘La Estancia de Cafayate’, a secluded 1,360 acre residential and sporting estate in the heart of an area famed for its spectacular scenery, outstanding wines and equestrian sports. Grace Cafayate comprises a main hotel building and a further 20 Grace branded residential villas for sale. This luxury accommodation in Argentina is complemented by a beautiful restaurant...

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Hostería Del Amauta

Purmamarca, Jujuy

Hostería Del Amauta Boutique Hotel is located in the beautiful area of Purmamarca which is the heart of "Quebrada de Humahuaca" which has been declared of human interest by UNESCO. It is 50 km away from the city of Jujuy and 180 km from Salta.  Its particular style was ispired on the natural landscapes of the area and the regional culture in close harmony with its setting. Its warm rooms are built with local materials like: cardón, stone, wood, quebracho, poplar, reed and mud. The combination of these materials give a modern and minimalist look. Hostería Del Amauta has 9 top-floor rooms, all of...

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