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Cachi, Salta

About El Cortijo Hotel

El Cortijo Boutique Hotel is located in Cachi, Salta province, northern Argentina. Even the house has been recently restored, the original façade has not been modified, it keeps the typical Cachi style. El Cortijo Boutique Hotel It is an old 'casona' ('big house'), property of Gustavo Bergesi. that has incorporated elements of comfort, such as a dining room, central heating, telephone, internet and TV sets, without losing its spirit. In this way, the rooms have kept not only the mark of the original design, where adobe, stone and cane are wisely combined in order to provide as a result a work of art. The antique furniture stands out in the different rooms, as well as the lamps, chandeliers and works of art.

The house has 12 rooms, all of different size, shape and decoration. Each one has a different theme and take a name carefully thought in order to offer something very particular to the guests.

The hotel counts with room service during the 24 hs., as well as the reception service. At breakfast and tea times you can enjoy the best home-made cakes, sweet and salted bread, and diverse just-made jellies and marmalades. At the afternoon or during the evening, it is a pleasure to enjoy a 'picadita' (cheese, cold meat and snacks) at the patio or the gallery. It can be accompanied by the best wines in different red and white varieties that can be found in our exclusive wine cellar. Prior to going to bed, a small cup of Mistela (local liquor), prepares our guests for a refreshing sleep at the foot of the Peak. 


Cachi is located to the West of the Salta province, Argentina. It is 157 km. (100 miles) away from the capital city. The town is located in a valley at 2280 m. (7,600 ft.) AMSL, at the foot of the colossal Cachi Peak (6720 m. – 22,400 ft. AMSL). Of pre-Hispanic existence, today the town presents all its architectonic beauty that results from the gathering of Pre-Columbian and Spanish art, with buildings made of stone, adobe and cane. The road to Cachi pass through the Escoipe Ravine. Climbing the colossal Del Obispo Slope through the clouds and the condors, the traveler must leave the Tin Tin road and the ‘Los Cardones’ (The Cactuses) National Park behind, in order to arrive first to Payogasta and finally to Cachi.


The historic downtown, perfectly preserved, with antique buildings as the local church (National Historic Monument) and the Museum of the Public Offices, is immersed in an extraordinary landscape. With the Cachi Peak in the background and the meeting of the Cachi and Calchaqui rivers as framework, the town has elements of the pre-Inca, Inca and colonial times, when important chapters of Argentinian history took place in Cachi. The town dwellers, quiet and very kind, invite you to take a magic journey, very close to the sky.


Cachi is a town that existed prior to the Spanish domination, inhabited by the ‘diaguita’native people, whose language is ‘kakana’. These native people had settled at the foot of the Cachi peak, with the purpose of using the thaw waters by means of their very ingenious irrigation systems, that would be later adopted and improved by the Conquerors, being used exactly in the same way today. The Pre-Hispanic origin of Cachi can be traced back to several centuries before the Inca conquest. Only after several bloody battles the urban nucleus was re-organized, being its official name in the year 1637, “la finca hacienda Cachi” (“the Cachi estate”).

The Jesuit priests founded several missions along the valley. When the distribution of the permissions of exploitation of the lands was made in 1673, the zone corresponding to Cachi was assigned to Dona Margarita de Chavez. In 1719, Don Pascual de Elizondo was the legal owner of the land, and later, Don Felipe de Aramburu. This situation locked the town for several years, avoiding its urban and economic expansion, until it was delivered in census in 1769 by Dona Micaela de Media Pomar and her son in law to the monastery of Los Mercedarios, who raised the Historic Chapel and began to award plots, as usual, in order to allow for the neighbors to build their houses near "The House of God". 

El Cortijo, most interesting boutique hotel in Cachi.


  • 13 room with private bath
  • Living-room
  • Galleries
  • Phone / Fax
  • Internet
  • Home-made cuisine
  • English spoken
  • Laundry service
  • Touristic information
  • Transfers*
  • Wine tours*
  • * (on demand)


Rates 2021 - American Dollar

From January 1 st 2021

Single U$D   80.-
Standard Double (1 or 2 beds) U$D 100.-
Superior Double U$D 120.-
Master Suite Double (private terrace view to "Nevado de Cachi") U$D 140.-
Superior Triple U$D 160.-


The rates NOT include VAT 

Food and wine

At El Cortijo Hotel Boutique you will have the chance to enjoy home-made cuise daily and gourmet prepared with the best regional recipes and products of the area. Also excellent Salta wines.


Salta city is located 2-hour flight from Buenos Aires city. There are many daily flights. Once you arrive you can rent a car or take an organised transfer. Cachi is located 150km far from Salta city.

Booking and Information

Buenos Aires Office:

From others countries
Phome: (54 11) 5368-9086
Phone / Fax: (54 11) 4522-7754
Mobile (54 911) 5471-1420

From Argentina
Phone: (54 11) 5368-9086
Phone / Fax: (011) 4522-7754
Movile (011) 15 5471-1420

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