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Who we are and what we do:
Boutique Hotels of Argentina (BHA), is a collection of member hotels which have been categorized as such by virtue of their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes.

The principal service BHA offers to his customers is a "Information and Booking Centre" located in Buenos Aires city, where you will be properly informed with a higly personalized response about the main characteristics and detailed information of the hotels members of Boutique Hotels of Argentina, and helping you to plan your next tailor-made trip.

Boutique Hotels of Argentina, was founded by Patricia Barreiro, who after many years of activity in similar companies, decided to start hes own one based on the know how, experience and strong reationships with the Argentina turistic market. The passion for customer service and the high quality standards will be the sign of BHA, hoping to be recognized in the near future as the mark of quality for small boutique hotels in Argentina.

BHA also offers consultant servicies for new hotel projects, strategic marketing and hotel branding.

Membership: become a BHA member


Who are the members of BHA?
Boutique Hotels Argentina is a collection of hotels located in the most demanded argentinian destinations, unique environments and distinctive hospitality. While some are quaint, rustic hideaways identified with the local architecture, others might be a centrally located haven or a lavish resort. The level of service is of utmost importance. All members have passed a comprehensive qualification process to ensure the integrity of their membership. The hotels usually are hosted by their owners and can often be conceived as destinations unto themselves. They offer a unique theme that sets themselves apart from other hotels and excel in offering a truly personalized experience. They represent the must that argentina has to offer to the international travelers.

Which are the objectives of BHA?
The core business of Boutique Hotels Argentina is to advertise the hotels members of the collection promoting the concept of a different way of lodging and travelling. Also the operation of the BHA Information and Booking Centre giving customers detailed information about the hotels and bookings. To reach these objectives, BHA provides national as well as international marketing, public relations, press, promotion and reservations support to members of BHA.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Internet websites (English and Spanish versions)
  • Visits to Travel Agents and Tour Operators
  • E-mail and phone booking system through our BHA Booking Centre
  • Recognition plaque for exhibiting on the hotel property
  • International and national public relations
  • Guest and membership newsletters
  • National and International trade show presenc

The bookings for any of the hotels members of BHA can be made from website, just sending an e-mail, that will be answered as soon as possible. BHA allows travelers through his website to simultaneously search availability over all the boutique hotels members in Argentina, planning a tailor-made trip visitng different destinations and being benefit with the cross-selling opportunity.

How can a property become an BHA member?
Many requests are received from hotels that want to join the BHA collection. A careful screening process has been devised so that both the hotel and BHA may quickly determine if the property can benefit from the membership and also if it fits the BHA profile. A request for membership initiates the qualification process which begins by filling out the BHA application and returning it to us along with current hotel brochures, photographs and any other information that will assist us in analyzing the property. Once received, the hotel material is reviewed and an inspection visit is scheduled if both the hotel and BHA want to move forward. Once the hotel is accepted into the collection, MBH provides an auto-renewable membership contract. If a hotel is not accepted, a complete report is issued, outlining the changes that must be made should the hotel choose to submit for membership in the future.

Boutique Hotels of Argentina

Patricia Barreiro - CEO
Patricia Barreiro - CEO

"We just want to say welcome to Boutique Hotels of Argentina. Our experience during the last years offering charming places, guarentees a unique vacation in each of our destinations or making a combination of them. Feel free to inquire about your next tailor-made trip to Argentina"