Las Dalias - Eco Posada Boutique

Valle Traslasierras, Córdoba

About Las Dalias - Eco Posada Boutique

Eco Posada Boutique Las Dalias, in a natural environment, at the foot of the mountains, with a special microclimate, offers the services of a Wellness Retreats, proposes an experience of stress, rest, silence, well-being and revitalization.

For this we have the following Programs:

Detoxification and Revitalization

Yoga in the mountains

Stress Management / Waking Up To Life

Smart Rest

The Services we offer are:

Activities to Take Care of the Body-Mind

  • Walk to the Artisan and Organic Fair of Villa De Las Rosas

  • Natural Nutrition Talk

  • Yoga and meditation classes

  • Natural Cooking Class

  • Bio-Energy Exercises

  • Hiking Guided by the Sierras and Meditation

  • Rhythm and Movement Workshop

  • Workshop of Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung

Individual Interviews of:

  • Integral Harmonization With Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Auriculo-Therapy, Skull-Dural Therapy.

  • Natural Nutrition

  • Reset Package

  • Therapeutic Body-Emotional Work

  • Own Knowledge Interview through Meditation

Spa treatments


Organic-Natural-Revitalizer, a fusion between unforgettable flavors and health. Special dishes for those who have a diet: vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, hypertensive and gluten free.

Guidance, Support and Personalized Diet, for those who require it.

According to the principles of Natural Medicine: We do not offer chemicalized foods.

In Las Dalias Ecological Center we have solar heating, air-conditioning hot / cold, radiant towel rails, skylights in the ceiling. The openings are made of wood, triple contact and double glazing, roofs with a ventilated air chamber and floors with hollow bricks, as a way to isolate the humidity and cold from the ground.

The lighting is with low consumption lights and LEDs throughout the property.

For a responsible consumption of water, we use double-flush toilets, with a different treatment of gray and black water, which is recovered for a later watering of the plants.

The rainwater that falls on the roofs is also recovered.

The materials used are not toxic to human health: lead-free paints or biocides and wood treated with natural oils.

The furniture is constructed with reforestation woods to avoid deforestation and is treated with beeswax and flax oil, elements that do not generate toxicity in the environment. The sheets are made of cotton and the husk or millet seed husk pillows.

The shampoo, hair conditioner and soap are ecological, without the presence of chemicals in its preparation.

The bed is oriented according to the principles of Chinese medicine, with head to the south, which allows hot feet-cold head.

In relation to Permaculture, the local flora and fauna have been respected. In relation to food,

the menus consist of organic foods, trying to comply with the principles that allow to balance the chemistry of the organism, so that people receive the necessary nutrients for their psycho-physical balance. <

We support everything related to the organic, the ecological, what takes care of the environment and health of people in a natural way.

At the moment we communicate in Spanish.


  • 6 Eco-Rooms Superior Category
  • 3 Eco-House Boutique
  • Important views of the mountain,
  • Swimming pool heated by solar panels,
  • Living room,
  • Multi-purpose room, for body activities and spa treatments,
  • Large gardens with a variety of trees,
  • Covered parking,
  • Extensive library, disco, video library
  • Free Internet access with wireless connection (WiFi)


Rates 2019 -

Rates 2019 - Dollars American

Room Style Rates
Eco- Rooms Superior Category U$D 120
Eco- House Boutique U$D 150

Food and wine

The food in Las Dalias is a fusion between the autochthonous, of the mountain area of ​​Traslasierra Valley, in Córdoba, Argentina, with flavors, food and preparation techniques, typical of the typical food of the Far East.
We have made, based on years of experience, a synthesis that has allowed us to use the best of the food characteristic of the area, such as locros, mazamorras, carbonadas criollas, stews, tortillas, empanadas, risottos, quince cakes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin , sweet and savory, preparations based on goat cheese, lamb, prepared in creole style, with whole grains, aduki beans, chickpeas, soy derivatives, zeitan, seaweed ...
This union between the characteristic of the area and the principles and elements of the food ingredients, which are part of what we call the Ancient Medicine of the Far East, has allowed us to generate a diet that, in addition to being tasty, is pleasant for the senses , allows us to care for, improve and solve physical and psychological health problems, to those who visit us


Las Dalias are located in a field area, at the foot of the mountain and Cerro Champaquí, in Traslasierra Valley, in the province of Córdoba, 180 km from Córdoba City and 850 km from Bs. It is immersed in a unique microclimate with average temper

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