Iberá Lodge

Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes

About Iberá Lodge

Ibera Lodge was conceived with a unique architectural design, taking advantage of the natural resources of the area by using native materials and following the typical colonial style of the country building construction of Corrientes. These characteristics along with the quality and comfort of each of its rooms make Iberá Lodge an exclusive place to relax and enjoy every corner of the marshes. Our mission is to preserve this pristine and fertile territory where the fresh air gives us the enthusiasm for nature and the starry nights invite us to restful sleep and intense. During your stay, you can enjoy all the natural wealth that provides this region through activities Iberá Lodge offers.


Ecoturismo y Relax incluye las siguientes actividades:

- Trekking along the Jungle Path 

It is an interpretative trekking that clearly shows the fascinating transition and blending of the 3 different phytogeographic provinces: the Woodland of Chaco, the Jungle of Misiones and the "Espinal" of Entre Rios. The blending of these three regions originates an exotic and incomparably beautiful place where flora, always furrowed by zigzagging streams, exhibits her fanciest shapes. Its fauna has foxes, capybaras, raccoons, skunks, red brockets and others that print their feet on every step. Advice: long trousers, mosquito repellent and rubber boots if rains. Time: 2.30 hr approx.

- Visit to local craftsmen

This is a tour to Gaucho Boqueron, where you will get in contact with another unique richness of Iberá: the cultural legacy of the Corrientes "gaucho". You will learn about their notable skills at craftsmanship, using native natural materials they have at hand like leather, graminaceous plants, wood and wool. Besides, you will be able to learn more about their lifestyle, their typical building construction, their language, customs and traditions. Time: 2.30 hr approx. 

- Horse riding through marshes, jungles, woodlands and pajonales.

Iberá is characterized by the immensity of its marshes, jungles, savannas, woods and wild palm groves. Many of these areas can only be visited and admired on horseback. Advice: long trousers, long-sleeved shirt and mosquito repellent.

- Boat excursions

We invite you to get into the wild heart of the Iberá marshes by sailing through an "embalsados" (floating organic deposits) labyrinth and never-ending and intricate natural channels where we will see yacarés, deers, capybaras and hundreds of birds. We offer a variety of lake tours to visit the most special and far hidden places of Iberá such as the origin of the Corrientes River, the Lagoons of Trim, Itatí, Sucia and Alta as well as the Carambola stream, among other interesting places. Discover the secrets of Iberá, its shoals of dorados, rays and sabalos and its white sand belts, ideal for snorkeling and diving. To enter this hidden fluvial paradise, we count with trained guides with more than 12 years of experience and with a deep insight of the marshes and channels. Because of this, we can visit these natural labyrinths trustfully and safe, making your trip an unforgettable and unique experience Advice: hat, sunglasses, swimming suit and mosquito repellent. Time: 3 to 4 hr depending on the places visited.

- Snorkel and diving

Another way to discover the secrets of Ibera, their schools of golden catfish, shad and striped, white sand banks and clear waters is the practice of snorkeling or diving. We go natural mazes, ponds and the river where we saw amazing fish and underwater plant life. NOTE: It is recommended to wear a cap, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen ** Duration: 4 hours. Approx, depending on the tour location. ** This activity has a differential rate

- Fly fishing 

Fishing takes place in art craft, especially for gays, which allow a cast in absolute comfort. Fishing is distributed among the marshes and the river as temperature and rainfall stations. NOTE: It is recommended to wear a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen ** Duration: 3.30 hours. Approx, depending on the tour location. ** This activity has a differential rate 


The climate is warm temperate, with an average annual temperature of 20 º C. The heaviest rains recorded in autumn and in the hot summers, winter being the time of lower rainfall.

Summer (December 21 to March 21): Hot weather for 24 hours a day, with high humidity. Fall (21 Marzo al 21 Junio): Tiempo agradable durante el día, noches frescas. Winter (June 21 to September 21): Leisure at noon and in the early afternoon. cold nights. Spring (September 21 to December 21): Nice weather during the day, cool to cold nights. 


  • 4 Suites Premium
  • 3 Standard Room
  • Casa del Huerto - 2 rooms
  • SPA with Jacuzzi
  • Sauna and gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning
  • Open kitchen
  • Internet Wi-fi
  • Living room with a fire place
  • Veranda
  • Dock
  • English spoken
  • Phone
  • Laundry sercive
  • Fly fishing y outdoors


Rates 2017

Argentine and Residents

Rates in Dollar  American per person


Room Single Doble  Triple
Premium Twin  $ 3700  $ 2500  $ 2130
Casa del Huerto (2 room.1 bathroom y 1 living)    $ 2500  $ 2130

Adittional Field Day: Per person $ 1100.-
 Lunch, Té and noon activities . NO incluye: Using the Room.


Rates 2017

No Residents in Argentine

 Rates in Dollar  American per person


Room Single Doble  Triple
Premium Twin  U$D 290  U$D 190  U$D 160
Casa del Huerto (2 room.1 bathroom y 1 living)    U$D 190  U$D 160

Adittional Field Day: Per person U$D 80.-
 Lunch, Té and noon activities . NO incluye: Using the Room.


Food and wine

The foods are homemade and handmade, including particularly its exquisite tipical dishes. The high level of the organic gastronomy is the product of our orchard.

Our personalized service prepares special diets requested in advance.


Transfers can be organize in advance from Corrientes and Mercedes city.

Booking and Information

Buenos Aires Office:

From others countries
Phome: (54 11) 5368-9086
Phone / Fax: (54 11) 4522-7754
Mobile (54 911) 5471-1420

From Argentina
Phone: (54 11) 5368-9086
Phone / Fax: (011) 4522-7754
Movile (011) 15 5471-1420

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