Estancia La Bandada

San Miguel del Monte, Estancias de Argentina

About Estancia La Bandada

Staying at Estancia La Bandada will bring you a sense of tranquility, peace and serenity. You will feel that time runs slower here, and the rest of the world starts being further and further away. The sound of the pampas with its animals, its windmills, its breezes, the frogs and crickets chant at night, the smell of the grass and of humid soil of the rain to come, all these will, little by little, immerse yourself into the spirit of the pampas whom you will fall in love with!

The house, built by its original owner back in the 70’s, keeps the style of typical colonial style of XIXth century, painted in reddish colors. A paved patio introduces the road to the main entrance of the house. A long and wide windowed corridor links the entrance door, with the rooms, and at the end it opens to a very spacious living room and dining room, with fireplaces and furnished with detail and care.



  • 7 rooms
  • living room

Food and wine

All our dishes include seasonal vegetables from the orchard, which can actually be collected by yourself! All the food grown at the estancia will eventually go through Mariana’s hands: from fresh vegetables to make salads to fruits that will be converted into your breakfast’s jam.

Everyone knows that Argentinian meat is one of the best in the world and it is not an exception at La Bandada! The best pieces of meat are chosen to be part of our asados, made by typical local techniques.



Booking and Information

Buenos Aires Office:

From others countries
Phone: (54 11) 5368-9086
Mobile (54 911) 5471-1420

From Argentina
Phone: (54 11) 5368-9086
Movile (011) 15 5471-1420

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